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The Project

Finca Maius project began in mid 2009 starting with the acquisition of an young, existing vineyard in Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina. The main goal was to create a sustainable agricultural site focused on high quality production by implementing innovation in processes and technology. Finca Maius aims at being the leading sustainable practice in the area.
The vineyard occupies 7 hectares with premium wine vineyard planted in 2006-2007 (Malbec and Cabernet Franc premium based blend for the export market). A new area of 4 hectares is now covered by an Almond Orchard planted in 2012 with Guara variety.

As a result of an accurate business and process approach, very important innovations were undertaken in Finca Maius, on both operating processes and technology for a better use of resources.

We are now running the production with 50% less water usage due to a new sub-irrigation system, obtaining additional savings on energy consumption. Sensors connected to the meteo stations and the web provide us with an up-to-date information and allow us make appropriate decisions at the right moments in time.  The installed anti-frost system and the hail protection net contribute to minimise the main weather risks. The production was doubled in one single season, increasing our product’s quality.

Work is still in progress and new innovations are coming… Both sustainability and high quality production IS possible!

in one single campaign we obtained:

  • homogeneous soil humidity in the whole land
  • full homogeneous vineyard and almonds plants
  • aprox 10 nights of temperature < -3 C:
    • stations sent alarm messages
    • antifrost system activated: 100% production saved!
  • no water waste + no well pump usage
  • 50-70% water irrigation reduction (incl. antifrost system!)
  • -40% energy costs
  • -0,58 ton CO2 emission
  • reduced labour/agrochemical products/oil costs
  • reduced tractor usage
  • doubled Malbec production
  • increased Malbec grapes quality